Juan Dolio Beach

Juan Dolio Beach

The Next "South Beach" in the Caribbean

Businessmen and tourism authorities know it well: The next big tourism and real estate development destination in the Dominican Republic is Juan Dolio. Ambitious projects plan to make it the next "South Beach" in the Caribbean.

The rebirth of Juan Dolio started with the regeneration of the beach, which included 2.5 miles and the relocation of more than 14 million cubic feet of white sand.

The regeneration of Juan Dolio beach is the talk of the State Secretariat of Tourism and the Association for the Tourism Development of Juan Dolio, succeeded in positioning the area as the most thriving tourism site in that country. For Santo Domingo residents, Juan Dolio has always been a favorite. They have all closely followed the transformations it has undergone since its early days as a pristine beach located only 40 minutes from Santo Domingo. However, the region is evolving. Formerly known as the pioneer of all inclusive hotel complexes, it has now become the most successful site for the development of real estate tourism projects.

The tourism authorities' goal is to turn Juan Dolio into a "South Beach" in the Caribbean - meaning a beach with first class amenities fit for the international jet set.